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Best Cat Hair Brushes

Best Cat Hair Brushes

The right brushes and combs designed for grooming cats can make your job a lot simpler when it comes to keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy and beautiful. These products are designed to help you clean your kitty’s coat, remove tangles and knots, get rid of mats, and distribute the oils that are naturally found in your pet’s skin so the coat can remain soft and smooth. 

Below, we discuss the benefits of grooming your cat using the right tools, and you can also check out the different types of brushes and combs that are available, as well as look into our top 10 recommendations when you’re ready to start shopping. 

The Importance of Grooming Your Cat

Sure, your kitty does a great job grooming, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush her. While some cats might not like being brushed, many do like it a lot, and it’s also a good way to bond with your pet. 

Regardless of how old your feline companion is, brushing her regularly is a nice way to make her realize you care. It also helps you as well because, by removing loose hair before it gets all over your house, or before your cat throws up a hairball, you’ll have less to clean up. 

Whether your cat has short hair or long hair, regularly brushing her can help keep her coat looking and feeling healthy and clean. And using a good quality brush or comb that is made for felines can even help prevent the fur from becoming matted. 

The Different Types of Brushes for Grooming Cats

There are a lot of different types of brushes and combs that are available for you to use on your kitty’s fur. This gives you the chance to select the right grooming tool for your cat’s needs. 

Here are some tips to help you decide which type of brush to use on your cat:

  • If your kitty has a short coat, you can use a fine-tooth comb and a brush with soft bristles regularly, such as once per week, to help clean the coat and remove loose fur. 
  • If your cat has a long coat, you might need to groom her a little more often, such as a few times a week. Using a wide-tooth comb can help you remove any knots in the fur, and if there are any mats, you can use a dematting comb. 
  • Combs will typically pull on the hair more than a brush will, so you can use a brush to gently remove excess hair and help keep the coat soft. 

No matter what tool you use, it’s best to brush your cat’s coat in the direction of the hair growth. Also, always be gentle, as you don’t want to irritate your pet’s skin with the comb or pull on the fur too hard. 

What are some of the main types of grooming brushes for cats? Well, they include:

  • Deshedding comb – As you probably already guessed, this type of comb can help remove loose fur from your kitty’s coat, and help reduce shedding and hairballs. It can also be a handy tool to use if you want to help prevent matting. 
  • Grooming comb – Although it might look a little bit like a flea comb, the teeth on this type of comb will be spaced apart more to make it easier to move through your cat’s coat. It can help you remove knots while avoiding breakage, and you can find these combs designed for kitties with short hair or long hair.  
  • Rubber brush – Whether your cat isn’t a fan of brushes and combs with metal bristles, or you just want to add variety to your grooming kit, a rubber brush can be gentler on your pet’s skin. Your cat will feel like she’s getting a massage while you work on removing loose hair and making her coat shine.  
  • Slicker brush – In addition to being a good choice for basic grooming needs, this can be used if you notice that there are knots or tangles in your cat’s fur. Just be gentle, as you don’t want the fine metal bristles to scratch or irritate your pet’s skin. 
  • Bristle brush – This can be a good tool for smoothing your cat’s hair and making it look shiny, as it has natural or synthetic bristles. If you have a long-haired kitty, you might need to use other tools first, and then finish the grooming session with this brush. 
  • Double-sided brush – This is like having two brushes in one because one side is made for removing tangles, while the other can be used to smooth the fur. 
  • Pin brush – If your kitty tends to develop tangles and knots in her fur, especially if her fur is on the longer side, this tool can help you remove them before they result in matting. Although similar to a bristle brush, it has metal pins rather than bristles.  
  • Grooming gloves – These are fun because you can pet your cat while also removing loose hair. Your kitty will feel like she’s being massaged, and this type of grooming product can help keep your pet’s coat and skin feeling soft. 

A Look at Some of the Best Cat Brushes to Consider Buying

Now that you have a better idea of the different types of grooming brushes and combs that are available for cats, you can decide which one you think your furry friend would benefit from most. Or, you can purchase a few different types of cat hair brushes so you can use more than one tool during each grooming session, or simply alternate between them, as needed. 

To help you shop for the right brush for cats, we’ve compiled a list of 10 products that we think are worth checking out. They’re listed in no particular order, and they are great options to think about when you want to pamper your adorable fur baby. 

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